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CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP (Quick & Reliable)

There are several reasons to change car ownership in Ghana. Maybe you decided to sell your car, give the car as a gift, end the tenure of a finance lease on a car or a financial institution has taken over the car to cover an unpaid loan. Whatever the case, you will have to follow specific steps to change car ownership. That’s where we come in to fully support you. Stress-free, quick and reliable service with valid DVLA documents.

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Ownership Transfer Processes

The transfer letter from the owner.
Present vehicle for inspection Vehicle documents (Forms A, Customs Documents)
Two (2) recent passport size pictures each of present and new owner.

Verification of Documents
After this, the required checking and inspection process will commence. The document you sent will be verified with the original car ownership details presented at the time of registering. Once the DVLA office realizes that everything tallies, a DVLA officer will be sent for testing.

Custom & Garage Inspection
The DVLA Ghana conducts checks to make sure that the person requesting for ownership transfer is the true owner of the car. Therefore, the DVLA Office responsible for the ownership transfer will have to conduct a custom and garage inspection exercise to authenticate the car ownership.

Payment for Physical Examination & Testing
The DVLA officer conducts a physical examination to test and verify the ownership of the car. Once the car is in a good condition, roadworthy and with the right car documents, the payment process for the car ownership transfer will continue.

Car Ownership Transfer Processing
After sending the report to the DVLA office and making payments, the car ownership process will be completed. The timeline for completion usually varies depending on the issues related to the car. Therefore, it is important you provide the correct and full information regarding the car for quick transfer.